min: media industry newsletter, Jan. 30. 2012

We learn that Hearst Magazines president (since June 2010) Carey is a believer in the late, great Hall of Fame pitcher Leroy (“Satchel”) Paige’s famous Don’t Look Back. Something might be gaining on you with this answer to Magazine Innovation Group founder (August 2009)/University of Mississippi journalism professor Husni’s What keeps you up all night?
from a recent interview:
Well, in our case, we are so fortunate to work at Hearst…this great company at this moment in time, but I do know that everyday in scores of the proverbial garages, in Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley, you have entrepreneurs who wake up wanting to take down News Corp., Advance [Condé Nast], Time Warner, and Hearst, and they do so fearlessly, and they do so by not following normal rules and orthodoxies of what can and can’t be done. So, the only thing that I really worry about is we have to compete not against the other big multinationals, I think we know how to do that, we have to compete against a swarm of entrepreneurs; so how can we have a company of enormous scale, but have that scale aid us and not get in the way.
That’s what we think of everyday, how to be large and nimble, blessed with so much talent with the ability to move fast. If we can achieve that, then that’s a significant accomplishment.