I was interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times on May 11 for a story on TIME magazine’s breastfeeding cover.  Here are some of my quotes:

“Our society’s attention span is getting shorter and magazines are screaming for our attention,” said Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. “This is not a made-up image. I commend them for the choice, because it will stop everyone.”

“Whether newsstands will display it is the big question tomorrow…we can be a very Puritan country,” said Husni, who laughed when told the international edition of Time features the new president of France.

“We’ve always been self-contained in America,” he said. “You put the prime minister of Turkey on the cover in America and 99.9 percent of the readers wouldn’t even know who that is. Here, we tease you with the cover, give you something you can relate to and hopefully you will read the interview with the prime minister of Turkey inside.”

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