Interviewed twice by the LA Times for two separate stories:  TIME magazine’s breastfeeding cover and Newsweek’s first gay president cover. The first interview appeared on Friday May 11 and the second interview appeared on Monday May 14.

Here are some of my quotes from the TIME magazine story:

“This is a cover that has the entire nation talking,” said magazine expert Samir Husni. “When was the last time you saw a story do that,” unless it was a breaking news event? “This is an example of print well done. It’s a stroke of genius … the print industry really needed this cover to show they are still the movers and shakers.”

Not a day goes by without someone rambling on about the decline of the traditional media and the rise of digital. But Time’s cover proves that print can still be king if it steals from digital’s playbook — by becoming the conversation starters (not the followers), choosing relevant, edgy subjects and then tackling them in a visually arresting way — he told the Los Angeles Times.

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And here are some of my quotes from the Newsweek’s cover story:

Magazine expert Samir Husni told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that while he applauded Time  for tapping into a trend and reporting it out in an edgy, provocative way, he was critical of the Newsweek cover. He said he disapproves of using visual gimmicks to make a point, and said he wished the news magazine would stick to facts and reality.

He said Newsweek is struggling for survival in the marketplace, and doing what it can to pull in new readers.

“It doesn’t want to become the next U.S. News & World Report,” said Husni, a professor at the Magazine Innovation Center, Meek School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi.

He added of the magazine wars: “It’s going to be fun to watch. One thing I am happy about: People are talking about print.”

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The aforementioned quotes were carried by many more newspapers, radio stations and National Public Radio (NPR) and Christianity Today magazine blog. (see below)