I was profiled in the Nov./Dec. issue of Soma magazine.
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Her name is Magazine and she is irresistible. Her smell is like black, murky ink and her touch is as soft as gloss. Her eyes are taglines of mesmerizing prose that one man can’t deny. Her minions live in the palms of her enticing hands, where they are pulled close and nurtured at the bountiful breasts of her covers. She waits for the one who will love her, the one who will inhale her minions into their very soul, and the one who will carry her name.

Dr. Samir Husni was born in Tripoli, Lebanon. When he was a boy of nine, he experienced a life-altering transformation; a transfusion, if you will. It was the moment that he bought his first comic book, Superman. He held the magazine in his hands for the first time, ran the pads of his fingers across the shiny cover, and felt a sensation similar to the blood leaving his body begin to take place. In that instant, whether by osmosis, mutation, or a combination of the two, his heart began to pump ink and Mr. Magazine™ was born.

“I cannot describe the feeling other than a complete transformation,” Husni says. “My heart was beating rapidly and I could feel the ink from the paper of that magazine enter my veins and my obsession began. It was, and still is, an obsession that I absolutely love.”