I was interviewed and quoted in a story about the departure of the editor of Men’s Health magazine in Lehigh Valley’s The Morning Call newspaper on Nov. 19
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Here are my quotes and click here to read the entire article:

While surprising, his is a fairly common ending for ambitious editors who develop images that overshadow the publishing companies they are paid to serve, said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.

“When the editor becomes bigger than the magazine, the owners will become concerned: Are we serving the brand or are we serving the editor?” Husni said. “David has become bigger than the brand Men’s Health.”

Husni predicts Men’s Health will persevere without Zinczenko because of its strong connection with its male readers. But he said the days of the high-profile magazine editors are coming to an end.

“We are really witnessing the end of the era where the editor becomes a celebrity,” Husni said. “David was one of the last ones.”