I was interviewed and quoted for a story in The Wall Street Journal Dec. 21 regarding Red Bull company and its marketing program.
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Here are some of my quotes and click here to read the entire article:

Such programming should be evaluated on its intended audience rather than the advertisers behind it, says Samir Husni, director of the University of Mississippi’s Magazine Innovation Center. “It’s about time for folks my age to get over it. That’s the future,” says the 59-year-old Mr. Husni.

Mr. Husni gives the Red Bulletin magazine high marks as an old-school alternative to the digital media washing over its target readership. “It’s one of the few magazines that I share with my son, who is 25. Not in a single moment did he look at me and say, ‘Dad, this is an ad for Red Bull.’ ” However, Mr. Husni adds, “The magazine is never going to make any money. It’s just a utility to drive the audience to all these other platforms,” including Red Bull’s free phone apps and paid downloads of its movies on iTunes.