I was interviewed and quoted in a story on Rodale’s international expansion in Lehigh Valley’s The Morning Call on Dec. 23.
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Here are some of my quotes in the article and click here to read the entire article.

Samir Husni, a journalism professor who makes a point of collecting international magazines during his travels, was in St. Petersburg, Russia, a few years ago when he asked a newsstand vendor for a Russian publication.

She handed him a copy of Men’s Health.

“I said no, no, no. I want a Russian magazine,” Husni, of the University of Mississippi, recalled with a laugh. “She said, ‘This is Russian.’ ”

Husni, who runs the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, said Rodale’s international business requires relatively little overhead, allowing the company to re-purpose the same brands and editorial content in one market after another. “That’s the genius of it,” he said.

With offices in Emmaus and New York, Rodale has a payroll of about 800 employees. The Rodale International division accounts for just 11 of them.

Yet, those 11 individuals are responsible for 86 of the 93 magazine editions the company churns out worldwide. According to Rodale’s website, the company’s global reach extends to more than 54 million readers.

“It’s such a gold mine,” said Husni, who also speculated that Rodale International’s success might have been — in an ironic twist — a factor in the recent departure of celebrated Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko.