My review of the new magazine launches of 2012 was the lead feature story on CommPro.Biz website and email newsletter.
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Editor’s Note: To see the list of the 2012 consumer magazine launches, visit the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor.
By Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.
From American Frontiersman to the Zombie Nation, 2012 was the year for running the gamut on niche magazines. You could be a Modern Woman while admiring the Beautiful You, all with the flick of a page. For those naysayers who are crying from the rooftops that print is dead, check out these facts:
There were a total of 870 new titles on the newsstands in 2012, with 242 of them publishing with a regular frequency. Not since 2007 have we seen numbers that impressive. In that illustrious year (2007) there were 715 total new magazines, with 248 publishing regularly.