The lead story in today’s Media Post Media Daily New was a review by Joe Mandese about my year-end report about the status of new magazines.
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Here is the intro of Joe’s review and click here to read the entire review.

In an ironic and creepy endnote to a year that ended with an assault weapons massacre of young children at an elementary school in Connecticut, the two “most notable” magazine launches of 2012 were (in this order) a magazine aimed at the kind of extreme gun enthusiasts who covet aforementioned assault weapons, and a magazine aimed at young children, according to an annual list published by consumer magazine trend follower, Samir Husni, a professor at the University of Mississippi, who is also known as the “Magazine Guy.”

The aptly named Recoil ranked No. 1, Husni explained to online business news service, because it is “an artfully-done, gun-lifestyle magazine that is selling for as much as $125 an issue on eBay.”