I was interviewed on Thursday Dec. 27 for Keith Kelly’s Media Ink column in the New York Post. The interview appeared in Friday Dec. 28 edition of the NY Post.
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Read some of my quotes below and click here to read the entire column:

While the biggest companies are sitting out the launch game, Husni said many have turned their attention to high-priced, ad-free “bookazines” dedicated to a single topic, often using material recycled from existing titles. They include Reader’s Digest “Best Jokes” and Time’s “Man Made Wonders of the World.” “It’s a whole new business model,” said Husni. “They are not trying to sell one million copies at $2.99. They are trying to sell 50,000 or 100,000 copies at $12.99.”

Husni also picked out his top five notable launches of the year, and first place is a tie between controversial gun enthusiast title Recoil and — at the other end of the spectrum — Highlights Hello magazine for babies.