I was interviewed and quoted for a story on Meredith launching a new print magazine based on the digital web site Allrecipes.com
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Here are my quotes and click here to read the entire article.

“All of a sudden, the magazines are coming back to their senses,” said Samir Husni, an analyst who has covered the magazine industry since 1984. “In 2008, when the economy busted and technology burst, they lost all confidence.”

Husni praised Meredith officials for moving Allrecipes.com toward a print product, saying it’s a common-sense move and good business because publishers still receive much of their advertising revenue through print products.

As for Newsweek, Husni, who runs the website Mr. Magazine and is head of the University of Mississippi’s Magazine Innovation Center, said the 79-year-old publication may be heading out the door prematurely because of its move to all-digital.