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I was interviewed and quoted for a story on a new magazine about fatherhood. Click here to read the article and here are my quotes:

Actually, someone did. In his office at the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi journalism school, Dr. Samir Husni keeps a stack of magazines including American Dad, and Fathers and Dads.

All quickly died.

“The biggest problem is that American dads don’t think of themselves as dads. They think of themselves as men,” Dr. Husni said in a telephone interview.

“Which means there will be no advertising. None. If I want to reach an upscale dad who reads Esquire and GQ, why wouldn’t I advertise in Esquire and GQ?” (Actually, Kindling did have a few ads in its first issue, including one for the Brooklyn Brewery.)

Dr. Husni agreed, however, with Kindling’s strategy of charging a high cover price, offsetting the possible dearth of advertising.

But then there’s the sleek urban tone. “In New York, that’s normal,” Dr. Husni said. “But if I work with a guy who says he’s seeing a shrink because he has a baby, in Mississippi we call him crazy.”

Mr. Perez conceded that Dr. Husni has a point, but he thinks he has identified an audience that defies such traditional boundaries.