Publishing Executive magazine and blog published a round up about magazine conferences that took place last Fall and Winter.
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Click here to access the entire article and read below the sections related to the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 3 Experience and my speech at the Folio: Media Next conference.

The fall and early winter were a busy time for magazine shows, with AMC 2012, MPA’s Magazine Media Conference, taking place in mid-October in San Francisco, “Mr. Magazine” Samir Husni’s ACT 3 Conference a week later, sponsored by the Magazine Innovation Center at Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss.
Magazine Innovation Center: ACT 3

✔ The Conference theme, “Never Underestimate the Power of Print,” says it all!
✔ Rebecca Darwin, President & CEO of Garden & Gun magazine, describes lessons she’s learned as a magazine entrepreneur, including “go with your gut” in terms of what you publish, decide what you want to be and stick with it, get as much advice and you can and then do what you think is right, surround yourself with good people, and be honest with yourself, your employees, your advertisers, and, most of all, your readers.
✔ Kevin P. Keefe, VP, Editorial of Kalmbach Publishing Co. describes very carefully focused and targeted niches, a deep knowledge of readers’ interests, and a diverse array of product, including print, online and events. In the video series “Cody’s Office,” Model Railroader associate editor Cody Grivno has become “a rock star.”
✔ Ali Ghanbarian of SOMA magazine started as “a bored engineer looking for something different to do” and blossomed into a restaurateur and the publisher of one of the most influential magazines for the “creative community.”
✔ Jamie Pallot talked about creating multimedia projects at Vanity Fair. He says the magazine is “a hotbed of idea sharing and generation, watching news, making contacts.” As far as access, “doors fly open for them.” They have a great stable of writers, and great editing and design. Tom Stoppard even sent him a note about the copyediting!
✔ Carla Kalogeridis of Association & Media Publishing describes the journey many associations take to become publishers, which was not part of their original mission.
✔ Lisette Heemskerk of the Netherlands’ Linda magazine brings an international perspective. Know your DNA, she says. List your values and characteristics, and if something doesn’t match these values, don’t do it. Be good and know what’s good. Within your limitations is a world of creativity but there’s “no shine without friction.”
✔ Consultant William Pollak says magazines need brand consistency and someone has to be the keeper of the brand. Advertising expert Jim Elliot describes the appeal of short-term commitment media: “now online you put money in today and it can be up tomorrow.”
✔ Magazine maven Bo Sacks says “our problem today is that the change hasn’t finished” and Folio’s Tony Silber reminds us that this change we are experiencing will still be going on and taking shape for a long, long time to come.
✔ Mr. Magazine Samir Husni laments: “I have never heard any industry talk so much about its own demise!” He emphasizes that if one magazine dies it doesn’t mean the end of magazines. His studies prove just how many new magazines are constantly arriving on the scene. It’s all part of the normal magazine lifecycle. PE